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Exhibiting at Artbeat Gallery Studio and Gift Shop!!

I visited a wonderful and charming art gallery this afternoon and was invited to exhibit some of my jewelry in one of their display cases! I am so excited and thrilled – the art being shown here is truly top-notch work and it has one of the BEST artistic vibes running all through it! I will be hopefully volunteering some time to help out and am just SO humbled and honored that my work was deemed good enough to be displayed there!

Artbeat Gallery Studio and Gift Shop is owned by renowned artist Janet Waltz. Her gallery supports emerging artists who otherwise would not have the opportunity to create and exhibit their art. Her goal is to help out emerging artists such as myself to be seen and be able to support ourselves with our art – we are blessed to have such a wonderful space to show our work!!

Artbeat Gallery Studio and Gift Shop is located at the ground floor of the Kennedy Gallery Art Center located at 1931 L Street, Sacramento, CA.
Phone: (916) 715-2196

Truly gorgeous art by a variety of talented artists can be found, definitely worth a visit!!!

Kennedy Art Center
Kennedy Art Center

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