Sterling Silver French Ornate Heart Pendant


These romantic sterling silver heart pendants are a sweet and feminine piece of jewelry that makes a statement.

More details below.

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Delicate with a slight gothic flair, they would make an excellent gift for any occasion.

They come with a 20 inch black cord.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all, I’ll be more than happy to see what I can do for you!

Note: All items are handmade, so there will be small differences between each one. This shows the hand of the artist, and it is those differences that earmark the work as being created by an individual artisan (me!) and not manufactured by the thousands and imported in droves.

The images in this listing are examples of what you would receive, they are not the actual pendants listed. Being handmade, the patterns can differ slightly in the placement or the pendant, as you can see between the images shown.

Maintenance …
Buyer should be aware it is natural and normal for sterling silver and copper to tarnish or patina with exposure to the air and skin.

You can clean sterling silver and copper jewelry by rubbing the piece carefully with a soft cloth, and any polishing cloth ought to work to bring the luster back and remove excess tarnish that will happen as time goes by.

Sterling silver and copper jewelry can react to a variety of things like hand sanitizers, chemicals in water such as tap water, pools, saunas/jacuzzis/hot tubs, perfumes, hair products, deodorants, and different natural elements that can be found in rivers, streams, and lakes such as sulfurs which can make the metal darken extraordinarily quickly.