Lotus Copper Cuff


The beauty, power, and serenity of the magical lotus is featured prominently on thick, recycled copper and formed into a cuff.

A perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

More details below.

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It measures 6 inches long and is made from 16 gauge copper.

Can be made in different lengths, but the pattern itself is limited to approx 6.5 inches.

This is an oxidized piece and will continue to darken. It is sealed with Renaissance wax, which is inexpensive and easy to apply and reapply (as it will eventually wear off), if you are concerned about the patina coloring your skin.

Buyer should be aware it is natural and normal for a green patina to happen should the copper come in contact with salt water (such as sweating).

Note: All items are handmade, so there will be small differences between each one. This shows the hand of the artist, and it is those differences that earmark the work as being created by an individual artisan (me!) and not manufactured by the thousands and imported in droves.

All items will be smudged with sage before packing and shipping unless otherwise requested.


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