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We attempt to bring the beauty and a sense of the sacred that exists all around us into our art through natural elements such as stone and metal paying homage to the natural and mystical elements that bring depth and spirituality into our lives.

All items are handmade by us, carrying all those little imperfections that allow you to see the hand of the artists in every creation.

We have also decided to offer a series of customizable jewelry designs in a variety of styles and options that we think many people would enjoy having available to them in addition to our other pieces that we create as unique pieces of wearable art.


I’m a 4th generation rockhound that has had a lifetime love affair with metal and rocks and every art medium under the sun, just about!

Jewelry and art are my family’s craft, and I’m loving following in my family’s footsteps! I also paint, sculpt, carve, sew, and all sorts of other mediums.

I truly enjoy working in stone and metal, and my soul sings as I grow and make something new that challenges me. I strive and hope to create jewelry and art that stirs the soul and speaks to one’s deepest, most sacred spirit.


We strive to honor the world in which we live and protect and celebrate nature in all her many aspects and so we do responsibly source all of the materials used in our jewelry and art to the best of our ability.

Metals and other elements are recycled materials and gemstones, antlers, bones, shells and any other natural elements are all ethically, legally, and responsibly sourced.

It is very important to us that the items we sell are sustainable and environmentally friendly – even the jewelry boxes we offer are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials or sustainable materials.

Recycled Metals and Responsibly and Ethically Sourced Natural Materials

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