Floral Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff • Anniversary • Wedding • Memorial • Graduation • Bridesmaids • Birthday • Sobriety • Message Bracelet


Personalize this elegant cuff bangle bracelet for yourself or as a gift to someone else with a favorite Psalm, religious verse or a favorite Scripture quote!

A perfect way to keep a personal religious message close to your heart to help encourage, inspire, remind, uplift, celebrate, or keep strong!

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Say it with style and elegance!

Customized floral handmade hammered sterling silver cuff made to order in all sizes and styles!

Perfect as a gift (for someone else or yourself!) with a personal message, coordinates, dates, quote, etc. on the front, back (or BOTH!) of the cuff.

Add a faceted 6mm gemstone to the front for additional cost.

Polished to a gleaming, mirror finish, the dimpled surface glints and gleams in any available light, shimmering and twinkling like sunlight on water.

Available in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1 inch width.

Standard length is 6 inches, and default thickness is 18 gauge. Thicker gauges and/or additional inches would be an additional cost.

A smooth, satin finish at no additional cost is available as well.

Stamping on both sides will be $10 extra.

This is an oxidized piece and will continue to darken. It is NOT sealed with anything, but you can always seal it with Renaissance wax, which is inexpensive and easy to apply and reapply (as it will eventually wear off).

You can clean this bracelet cuff by rubbing with a soft cloth, and any polishing cloth ought to work to bring that luster back and remove excess tarnish that will happen as time goes by.

The cuff can be stamped with ONE line of text shown, up to 30-60 letters on each line, including spaces, depending on the font chosen.

Let me know what you would like stamped on the cuff in the customize box.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all, feel free to message me and I’ll be more than happy to see what I can do for you.

Note: All items are handmade, so there will be small differences between each one. This shows the hand of the artist, and it is those differences that earmark the work as being created by an individual artisan (me!) and not manufactured by the thousands and imported in droves.

All items will be smudged with sage before packing and shipping unless otherwise requested.

Message Location

Back (Inside), Both, Front (Outside)


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