Hammered Copper and Sterling Silver Pendant Berries and Leaves


This organic, rustic pendant is made from recycled copper and sterling silver would be suitable for any gender!

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Forged from raw recycled copper, this pendant showcases two lovely leaves that were hand stamped and then a patina was applied to allow them to stand out from the highly polished copper.

The edges of the pendant were carefully hammered to give an organic, rustic and chiseled look which would be suitable for either gender.

Three sterling silver “berries” were soldered carefully to provide visual interest and contrast to the copper.

For a more masculine or bohemian look, just switch out the copper chain for a black cord, or sturdier thicker chain or a nice thick leather chord!

This piece comes with a 16 inch or 18 copper chain or a black cord.

Note: All items are handmade, so there will be small differences between each one.

This shows the hand of the artist, and it is those differences that earmark the work as being created by an individual artisan (me!) and not manufactured by the thousands and imported in droves. All items will be smudged with sage before packing and shipping unless otherwise requested.


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