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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, it is a good time of year to sit back and think of all we should be grateful for, though I think that is something we should be doing every day!

I am grateful for this life and being able to fall in love with an entirely new art form – making jewelry and working in metal and rocks (gemstones).

I love that I get to connect with my family as I work at my bench and use the same tools – several of which at least two prior generations have held in their hands. My family is around me every time I work and it is a soothing and peaceful feeling that I adore.

In thanks for being able to come as far as I have – I am going to have a small sale for Black Friday – though I tend to avoid ALL consumerism as a personal rule on this day – I thought that I might participate as a shop owner and extend my gratitude to those that have helped me come as far as I have in this craft so far.

So thank you for supporting small business owners and craftspeople of all trades – if you are going to shop today – support the small business owners and craftsmen and the mom & pop joints, because we WILL be thankful of your support and you and your business DO matter to us!

May this holiday season find all your homes light in spirit and in heart, with laughter and joy and the beauty of a messy, busy, boisterous, healthy circle of family and friends! <3 And here are some images of my latest creative chaos (ie my bench) so you can get a small peek at my messy bench! LOL!

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